Answering Tom Terwilliger – Part 3

Where am I right now? I want to run my own company and right now, I just moved to a new town 9 months ago, I do not have a car or a job, and I am inspired to work and write, I am just tired.

What does that mean? It means that if I need to identify in what part of the process I am, the only correct answer is frustrated. I am frustrated that 9 months later I am still struggling with finding a job to get a car and needing a car to find a job. My solution to that is to save money every time I receive any in order to accumulate some money and buy a used car.

I realize that this particular video is asking me for more than I am willing to say at this particular moment. I guess frustration leads to writer’s block. I leave you with the video. I ask you to post your comments below.


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