Answering Tom Terwilliger – Part 5

I’m back. The laptop broke and for a minute there I felt like I broke too. Took a week off to get healthy again and fix the computer and now, I’m back.

As I mentioned in other forums, I am now leading by example. After procrastinating for the first five months of the year, I am working out on a gym. Last week I got two good workouts in before I “broke”. This is my first spring here and I did not think allergies could send you to bed. Yesterday, I started working the dog walk again and today, we went back to the gym. I believe that this is a matter of taking it one step at a time and it is more important to do a little bit more every day.

Now, to answer Video 5 on the Tom Terwilliger series.

What progress looks like to me? Well, the first proof of progress for me is my own health and level of happiness. As I start leading by example, I’m not looking at the weight, I am looking at my energy levels. If I jump out of bed in the morning, happy to be alive, I am getting the job done. Another indicator is how many times a week I get to exercise and walk the dog for a full mile. The dog walks are great opportunities to get my thoughts together. The exercise helps me feel better and look better to.

The next step in the map is what I accomplish at work. By the end of this week, I should have two e-books ready for my web page. For the next two weeks I am creating a simple website where I provide more information about AviddivA, our products and services and all the freebies that we have been working on. Between now and August 31st, I would like to have 6 to 8 coaching clients. To me, this is a process where not only does a client hire me. I also have to hire a client. I like to work with certain people and the process of the evaluation call is really important to determine if there is a good fit, for you and me. I am not interested in taking your money. I want to help you get where you want to go. That is why the fit is so important. I would rather have 8 happy, successful clients than 40 ok clients. When you do what you love, you take pride in what you do. I am very proud of the work I am doing to help women achieve greatness.

In the next six months, I expect the full version of Procrastination Fascination to be in the market. I have put years of information, study and personal experience into this particular baby. I hope you all like it.

In one year, I expect to be spending two weeks in a cruise with my family to celebrate the year just passed.
How about you? What is your map? Don’t forget to leave your comments in the section below.


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