Reason 2 to Have a Mentor

The second reason to have a mentor is that a mentor can give you a different perspective.

I don’t know about you, I have been in some situations in life when I have needed my mentors to give me their advice. Once I tell them my story, 90% of the time they see it completely different than the way I see it. Why is that important? For two reasons:

Reason 1: If they see it differently, maybe the other person in the situation sees it differently too.

Reason 2: Their perspective can open your eyes to other possibilities.

By having someone in your corner with more experience, you will benefit from their different perspective in many ways. This could mean the difference between grasping a great opportunity or making a big mistake.

They also have the benefit of detachment. You might be too involved in the situation to see what an unbiased person might see. How many times have you written something and checked for spelling without finding a mistake? The next person comes along and finds a word misspelled as soon as they look at your paper. This is true with every project we tackle. We need a little perspective.

Tell me if this has ever happened to you. Have you had the benefit of a mentor to lead you? Share your comments below.


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