Permission to Procrastinate

I am asking you today to give yourself permission to procrastinate.

I can see most of you thinking that I have lost my mind.

I have not. What I want you to do is take half an hour off and sit down with a pad of paper. Stop doing all the “important” things you do normally. Now, with pad and pen start writing down everything that you are supposed to do. If you are one of my AviddivA’s, a woman over 40, you should have a pretty long list. Don’t leave anything out. Include even the silliest thing, like cooking meals, buying lunch, exercising, taking care of X and Y. Write down everything you are supposed to do this week. The list can be as long or as short as you want to make it. I will tell you that things work better when you put your heart in it and do things 100%. This will help you if you give yourself the best effort possible. OK, are you done? Did you write everything? Great, now let’s do the second step.

Take that piece of paper, and rip it in half. Take those two halves and rip them again. I want you to keep ripping until the paper no longer exists. There is something happening so don’t question it, just do it.

Now take another piece of paper and write down how you feel? If you did this exercise honestly and from the heart, you will feel a little lighter. Some people feel really great, some cry and some don’t get it at first. After about an hour they start getting it. The point of this exercise is simple: the world is not going to stop if you don’t do something or if you accomplish everything in your list. Surprise!

The question now is, where do you go from here? Do you want to procrastinate for the rest of your life? Do you want to start fresh? The thing is, you can start fresh every day. First thing is that after this exercise, you dumped your list on a piece of paper that no longer exists. So now, choose those things that you really want to do and concentrate on those.

You want more tips on how to deal with your procrastination? Click here and get to work. We will give you a free resource to start looking at what is going on and how to change it. If you want to say something, add your comment to the section below. Above all, do something to move forward.


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