What Would You Suggest to a Procrastinator?

Before I begin, I want you to keep your judgment at the door. I am not looking for your opinion on procrastination, I am looking for your tips and tricks for getting things done.

We are compiling an e-book for women over 40, our AviddivAs, on how to tackle those tasks and goals that seem to always end up at the end of the priority list. What we are looking for are simple things that they can do to get started on any goal. So here is your chance to be a co-author in our next publication.

All you have to do is send us your tips and tricks. If your tips and tricks are selected, you will be displayed as a co-author on this publication. You will contribute to the future of our AviddivAs. If you have a business, and you would like to distribute the e-book, that option will also be available to you.

So come and share your tips and tricks below. Post as many tips and tricks as you like. We are waiting to see what you suggest to our wonderful ladies.

Procrastination is a tool, not a negative character flaw. Remember to fuel yourself first, so that you can serve others. Don’t leave your own projects for last. Start today.

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