What is Procrastination Costing YOU?

Today was my first day off in eight days. It was worth it to sit down and check all the shows I had on my DVR. And I found a show on Southern Italy. I’ve been there once before and promised to return. I have not yet. If I would have taken my business seriously when I started blogging, I would be there already.

So I ask you, what is procrastination costing you? Sit down in a quiet space for a few minutes today and write down everything that procrastination is not allowing you to get. If you are a woman over 40, this could take a while so get comfortable. Is it a healthy body? a better job? a child? a life? Be honest with yourself, nobody has to see what you write. I do hope that list serves as motivation for you to start looking at the possibilities.

Once you write it all down, make a clean copy and post it on your refrigerator door or your bathroom mirror. The question, why there? is simple. Those are two places where you have to look every day. The more you see it, the more it should motivate you. Lets get to work.

If you have not yet, don’t forget to click on the tab that says Get your free report now and order your copy of Procrastination Manifesto It will give you more ideas on how to work through your old ways and start creating new habits. Thank you for your support and get to it.


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