What to do with Discoveries and Procrastination

This week it is all about discoveries. On Monday, we discovered that our behaviors have some secret payoffs or rewards. Yesterday, we discovered that we have to change how we define our behaviors. Today, we are going to use our new definitions and behaviors to procrastinate less.

Before I continue, I have to make something clear. WE ALL PROCRASTINATE. This is not the personal achievement of women over 40 only. The difference in our case is that we usually procrastinate about things that are important to us in favor of achieving things of value to our families or our communities. If you don’t learn to take care of your own needs, you will not be able to function and help others for long. If you don’t believe me, how many times have you gotten sick and don’t know why? How many headaches, colds or stomach problems have you dealt with? Our bodies are very good about putting us in our place if we listen to them.

When we look at our behaviors and changed our definitions, an interesting thing happens. Some of our behaviors impact our personal goals directly. In the example we used yesterday, walking will definitely make us healthier than eating that bowl of ice cream. However, other new behaviors might seem totally unrelated to our goals. For example, what does drawing have to do with feeling smart enough?

Take a second look at this behavior. If you love drawing and you stopped doing it to care for your family, you might discover a hidden talent. You might feel more energized, less stressful. If you just like doing it, you might put a smile on your face. For some of you, it might be a new passion that you might want to look into further. I would call that a win – win – win. Oh, and for those of you who are still living in Negativityland, guess what? Try it anyway. The lesson for today is to think outside the box. You have inside of you all the answers to follow your dreams. There is no right or wrong answer, just noise from outside. Give it a try. Take your list of behaviors and substitute one negative one with a positive one for the next 30 days. Let me know how you feel.


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