Friday Update: Procrastination Files

One of my promises when I started this new part of the site was to keep you updated of all the changes and the things that I am going through as a business owner with a less than shoe-string budget.  Here are the highlights:

1)  I was a featured interview on a great website, This is a great project created by Toni Reece and she made it a fabulous experience.  You can check out all the other interesting interviews.  They are full of inspiration and lots of out-of-the-box thinking.

2)  I had a little mishap with this page and I could not get your comments.  Last night, after trying tons of things, I went to bed exhausted and a crazy idea popped into my head.  All I had to do was export my blog to my blog, erase wordpress entirely from my server and install everything all over again.  Is there an easier, faster way to do this?  Yes.  Do I know how to do it?  No.  Got stuck in the middle of it and thanks to the great folks at HOSTGATOR, I am now up and running again.

3)  The second issue of Procrastination Diaries is almost finished and will soon be arriving in your mailbox.  You are not subscribed yet?  Go get your free copy of Procrastination Manifesto and you will automatically receive the latest issue of the Diaries when it is available.

I am very excited about all the things that will be coming up in the next few months.  As always, I hope to keep you posted and show you, with my own example, that you can follow your dreams, take care of yourself first and help others.  I  hope to serve you in your journey.  Have a fabulous weekend.

Don’t forget to leave your comments below.  And if you want to be a co-writer on our next free e-book, send us your tips and tricks to procrastinate less.  Thanks.


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