Procrastination – Health update

What has procrastination cost your health?  If you are a woman over 40, it is quite possible that your food choices are catching up to you.  That chocolate cake might be delicious.  If you eat a slice every day or with every meal, it looses its appeal.  As much as I believe that you can have some cake, I strongly advice against having one every day, or even every week.

A few years ago I was introduced to an elimination diet.  Even though I don’t believe in diet, I do like the idea that every six months or so I can give my body a break and go completely clean.  In the elimination diet you get rid of all the junk in your meals for 30 days.  I do an adaptation of that.  You see, I am starting a business, and the thing about elimination is that you pretty much loose the first week sleeping while your body purges all the damage.  I cannot afford to be sleepy and cranky for a week or 10 days.  My solution is to eliminate gradually.  The first week started last Monday, and  I gave up all soda.  It is now the first day of the second week and I am giving up white (rice, bread, pasta).

If I follow my plan as stated on my white board, next week I eliminate candy (which to me means chocolate) and the fourth week I eliminate dairy products.  (Alcohol and caffeine are also included in the elimination, however, I don’t drink much – I believe I’ve had four drinks since I got here 11 months ago – and aside from soda, I am not big on coffee either).  Once I get to the dairy products, then we start counting the 30 days.

I will let you know how it goes every Monday.  I can already tell you that I feel like a balloon that lost all the air, I feel like my stomach is already showing the signs of less bloating.  In the meantime, I want to know, what can you do this week, however small, to improve the way you nourish yourself.  Think about what you eat and instead of waiting yet another week to start that diet you are always saying you are going to start, change ONE thing.  It could be adding fruits or veggies, drinking more water, trying a new recipe and saving enough so that you can have a couple of servings this week or just getting rid of sodas, like me.  This is not about your weight, this is about your health.  Don’t wait, do it today.  If every week you stick to one healthy decision, you will have 4 new healthier habits by the end of a month.  Are you worth it?

Don’t forget to let me know what your choice was in the comments section before.  You can also tell me how you are doing, we love to read your comments and thoughts.  Any recipe suggestions are also welcome.


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