Does Exercise Have to be Boring?

Today, I went to the Historical Downtown district.  I keep my snail mail box there.  They also have a great library and some cool restaurants, that I will talk about in other posts.  The thing is, I don’t have a car and I like to walk the 1.35 miles to go there.  It is not only great exercise.  It takes us out of the house, we see something different and we move.

This is a short post today and a very simple one.  Exercise does not have to be boring.  Look for something you like to do and find a way to incorporate a nice walk, a bike ride or some roller blades into that routine.  Maybe you have a small market nearby or a mall.  Instead of driving everywhere, find something to do outside the home and find a different way of getting there.

Have fun, make it a a family activity.  Stop putting it off.  If you want to get in better shape and you don’t know where you start, start where you are.  Look for some trails, parks or malls in your area and start moving.  Go!


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