Procrastination and Consistency – Day 2

Yesterday, I challenged myself to improve my consistency.  Today I am still on track.  I posted something today, that would be two out of two.

My aim for this blog is to post every day of the week, 5 days a week, weekends off.  I think I am doing well.

Yesterday I mentioned that I had to sit down and answer the hard questions.  Today I ask you, do you really want this?

If you are a woman over 40 and tired of being the last thing on your to do list, it is time for a change.  First of all, you are not a thing, you are a person and your needs come first.  Second, you are setting a bad example for everyone around you by leaving yourself for last.  Your kids are confusing respect with devotion.  They are devoted to you for being their mother.  They lack respect for you because you put them first to the exclusion of you.  You are setting a bad example because our children repeat what they see, not what we tell them.

This is not about being self absorbed, vain, narcissistic or an egotist.  It has everything to do with fueling your tank first in order to be of service to others.  I don’t expect you to take 16 hours of the day to deal with yourself.  If you take one hour a day to pray, exercise, eat right and celebrate you, then the other 23 hours of the day will be better spent.  And by the way, it does not have to be a whole hour.  You can take 15 minutes in the morning to pray and/or read the Bible (or whatever your book of worship is), later on the day you can take half an hour to exercise and another 20 minutes to plan and cook your meals for the day.

Take care of you first.  Don’t procrastinate on the most important project in your life: you.  Be an AviddivA.  Celebrate your 40 plus years of greatness.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Ruby Cantu
    Jul 21, 2010 @ 02:22:07

    I try to take care of myself, perhaps a pedicure tomorrow.

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