Procrastination Enablers – Emails Part 2

Yesterday I told you that you can procrastinate less by eliminating all those email accounts that you have. The main reason for this is that thanks to social networks, we really have more accounts than we need. When I started counting, I discovered that aside from Facebook, Myspace and Twitter, I have about 12 more email accounts. Not a good thing when you consider that I am not including work related email accounts. So, I started eliminating accounts and I gave you the system that I am using to eliminate all but three personal accounts and one business account.

Now, I want to concentrate on the actual emails you receive. I am a coach, a consultant and a writer. I love to read, it helps and inspires me. It keeps me up to date on what’s going on. I’m sure that you receive a lot of email that is related to your personal and business interests. There are several things to consider:
– Personal messages, shopping messages, general interest emails should go to your personal account.
– Business interests, seminars, coaching and all other work related emails should go to your business account.
– You are probably subscribed to many services, some of which you never read.
– This would be a good time to count and eliminate all the unnecessary messages.

One of my mentors, Carrie Wilkerson, said something to me earlier in the year about this topic. You should pick one mentor (maybe two) and stick to receiving information from that mentor in your email. You can have a million on your social network account. You should only receive email from one. Why? Because the more mentors you have subscribed to, the more clutter and noise you are receiving and the less you are doing.

It is time for some serious elimination of junk from your email. I give you my strategy and you can adapt this to serve you however you wish.
1) Make a list of all the mailing lists and mentors you are subscribed to. If you want, you can have different categories. I did this for my personal email (shopping, blogs, etc) and for business (business development, internet marketing, coaching).
2) Verify if you can subscribe to their feeds on twitter and/or facebook or whatever other network site you belong to. Go ahead and subscribe there.
3) Pick one, at most two, that you want to receive information from on your email. If you decide to pick for each category, then you should only pick one.
4) Every four to six months, revise your email list. You have probably subscribed to a couple more now.
5) Every year, if you change your mentor, make sure to unsubscribe from receiving email before you start receiving the new mentor’s material.
6) Unsubscribe from receiving email from any company, person or product that you have not opened a message from in at least two weeks.

Yes, you are going to be brutal about this. No, they will not get their feelings hurt. Yes, take back your time and your power and feel how good it feels. Make sure to leave me your comments below.


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