Procrastination Enablers – TV Part 1

For any woman over 40, I think this is an obvious enabler. This week, we will focus on television and it’s cousins, the recorder, cable and video games.

When we were young, we loved to watch those cute shows about young people just like us. Now, we might like talk shows or entire channels devoted to our interests, like decorating, cooking, investigations or nature. Some of us just like the noise because we don’t like to feel alone.

I have two good reasons for you to turn that television set off.
1) The more TV you watch, the less things you take care off.
2) The more you turn the TV off, the more electricity you save.

I admit, I have the boob tube on all day long. I like to hear that something is going on. As I get older, I like reading more and I enjoy silence. We also noticed that every month, the electric bill is getting higher. We want to trade all electricity use in the house for the ability to have the air conditioner on. So, we implemented a new rule. At least two hours a day the TV has to be turned off and when we go to sleep, it has to be turned off.

The idea is that we work it up to six hours off during the day and completely off at night. I will let you know if it is worth it when I get the bill next month. As a point of reference, the last electric bill was $160.

How much TV do you watch? Could you turn it off for even an hour a day? Tomorrow, we attack the cousins. Leave your comments below and thank you for reading.


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