Friday Update – New Thing

Before I even tell you what is going on behind the scenes, I want to let you know that next week we are all closing shop and going off in a sort of vacation. We are taking the week off to brainstorm and create new material for the coming weeks and months. There will be a post every day, I am working on them as we speak. However, I will only moderate comments every other day. So, for you spammers and bad people, you will continue to be eliminated. If you are making comments in another language that is not English or Spanish, your comment will be deleted. I apologize, I can read some Italian, Portuguese and French, I don’t understand it all and like I said, I am on vacation, so my assistant just spams them all.

Changes coming: we will have the Procrastination Diaries starting back up in September, which means that we will have a new subscription page, changes to the E-book and additional freebies ready for you guys in September. Make sure to keep your eyes open for the subscription pages.

We are adding a new section on the e-letter. If you have a Facebook page, a web site, a twitter feed or anything else related to topics of interest to women over 40 years young, be sure and submit your information to We will be checking you out and promoting you for free. No, I will not get a commission for that. You guys know I always make sure to let you know which adds I make money out of (like anything Amazon posted on my web page) and which ones I don’t. This request is due to this campaign that I am running called Share it Forward inspired by Twitter’s Follow Friday. I want to add more eyeballs to everyone around me. If we all promote one other person to the world, imagine how cool that would be.

So keep it here for upcoming stuff and get ready. The last four months of this year are going to be the best yet. Leave your comments and suggestions below.

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