Where do You get Support?

As we moved through our life and pick the goals that we choose to follow, I ask you, who is your support? Where do you get your support? Who have you supported on their dreams?

There will be times when it will seem that you have no support. Other times, you will find a lot of people helping you along. It takes courage to follow a dream. Some times, it takes a village. You have to make sure that those surrounding you can see the dream and not just offer advice so that you do what you want them to do.

What do I mean by this? Study those around you supporting your dreams and ideas. You surround yourself with people that are willing to tell you when you are procrastinating. They must be honest and praise you for real progress and be willing to scold you when you are digging your heels. You don’t want YES people surrounding you at this time. You don’t need people telling you what to do and how to do it either. This is your dream. Your family and friends can offer ideas and suggestions. However, you are the person doing the work. You do what you feel is right.

Another type of support you must be aware of is the one I call superficial support. This comes from people who are always saying you are doing well in front of you. As soon as you turn around, they show their true feelings. If you are one of those people that offers superficial support, stop. Think for a moment why you are doing this. Is it because you don’t believe the person can do it or are you just feeling anxious that they are trying something new? Be a real friend and give the support wholeheartedly. If you are the recipient of this type of support, be aware that some times it is not jealousy, just fear of loosing you once you move on to something else. Make sure that your friends know that you will not turn your back on them and help them fulfill their dreams.

This is, in a way, my Friday update. Have a great weekend.


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