Are u living your life…

or are you on cruise control?

Thirteen months ago I packed my bags and moved to the US.  I did not get a car when I got here and as I sit here wishing for one, I think of all the times I drove from one town to another back home, and I really don’t remember what was going on around me.

Have you ever driven to work or the store in the morning and found yourself in the parking lot wondering how you got there?  You are so consumed by the daily grind that you missed the drive entirely.  Your mind wandered from one thing to another.  You don’t remember driving to your destination.  How many times has that happened?

How many years have you spent, driving absent-mindlessly through your life?  How many more do you plan to live that way?  Life is not forever.  The journey is more important than the destination.  And, you are missing it.

Make a decision today.  Stop letting life pass you by.  Take one small step today.  Maybe it will be as simple as meditating five minutes every morning.  Perhaps you will consider a 15 minute brisk walk in the afternoon.  DO something, anything, and start today taking your life in your hands.


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