Congratulations Anthony Bourdain

I’m not going to lie,  I’m a big Bourdain fan.  And you might think that there is nothing to be learned from TV.  You would be wrong.

I love watching decorating shows.  I also watch dog shows.  My guilty pleasure is shows about videos people send showing them making fools of themselves.  I don’t think the videos are too funny.  I do believe that the hosts comments make them funny.  I have been guilty of watching a couple of reality shows as well.  Nothing is more common in my house than watching Bourdain and his sense of sarcastic humor while eating his way through the planet.

So yes, I did watch yesterday.  Monday, September 6th, I watched a No Reservations marathon.  Ok, I did not watch the whole thing.  I did save it on my DVR and I watched about 5 hours yesterday.  I had to stop watching because I found myself eating most of the food in my kitchen.  I am watching a couple of episodes this morning.

I learn a lot by watching Tony.  The most important lessons I learned from watching this show is to make no assumptions about what you will find when you go to a foreign country.  History is great to find out where we have been.  It rarely prepares you for what you discover when you go somewhere.  This applies to every place.  I have visited Athens, Italy, Spain, Venezuela, some Caribbean islands and several states in the US (Texas, Arizona, Maryland, Virginia, New York, Connecticut, Georgia, Ohio and Pennsylvania).  What you learn in a book does not tell you anything about the experience you will live.  Remember, every experience in life depends not only in the place you are.  It also depends on what you bring to the table.

So congratulations, Anthony Bourdain, on your 100 episode.  Continue your adventures.  I will be watching.

The rock formations in Capri, Italy


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  1. essays
    Sep 07, 2010 @ 17:47:54

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  2. admin
    Sep 08, 2010 @ 00:00:02

    Thank you.

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