Wednesday Update – More Changes

Starting a business is like having a baby, almost every day something new happens and you marvel at the developments.  I had the honor of raising one daughter, and I remember when she was just born.  It almost seemed like every day, something different happened.  Maybe one day she would follow me with her eyes.  Almost as quickly she started waiving.  She got her first tooth when she was three months old…that I remember because she bit me, hard.  If you are a parent, you understand exactly what I am talking about.

When people ask me how many kids do I have, I used to say I have two, one two legged and one the baby had four legs.  Yes, my “son” is a dog and I love him to death.  And don’t think I would not do the same for my daughter.  I get on planes and travel with her.  Haven’t I suffered enough? (If you’ve never read this blog before, the one thing I have a hard time doing is riding a plane.  Love to travel, don’t love the transportation).  Lately, when people ask me how many kids, I pause for a second.

I feel like the business is another baby in a sense.  I’m not attached to it the way I love my kid and my dog.  I do however, want to see it succeed and grow.  So, I marvel at all the things that are going on.  And there are many changes on the way.  I’m on my way to a workshop and I can’t give you all the details yet.  What I can tell you is that we are here to help you with many things, and we would love to hear what kind of needs you have.  So feel free to leave a comment below and tell us what kinds of things you are hoping to see in AviddivA’s future.


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