Discovering on the Internet

Yesterday I discovered something called “the kitchen sink” on my wordpress dashboard.  The reason I found out about it was because I am subscribed to a channel called Home and Small Business World and one of the wonderful ladies in it gave away this interesting tip.

I don’t need to know HTML to play with my blog!!!

I am not an affiliate or make any money out of this.  You can access the actual website here and check all their resources.  The reason why I decided to mention both the Youtube channel and their website is because they all provide great information.  I was bored and decided to check out all their old videos and I found this tip from Kathy Heath.  The same goes for all the other people in this site who have given me tips and mentioned websites I knew nothing about.

What am I trying to tell you?  If you are subscribing to channels on the internet, watch them.  If you receive messages from companies or people, take the time to check them out.  If you are receiving too many, do what I did.  Unsubscribe from 80% and pay actual attention to the 20% you keep.  We are living in a time when we can find out pretty much anything we want through the internet.  Make use of all the resources at your disposal.

If you have any great hints or sites on the web, please tell us more about them on the comments section below.


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