On Bad Ideas

On bad ideas and the people who make them…usually, I would rather see a bad idea than no idea at all.  I would say that about most people, except politicians.  The reason is simple – all they want is to win elections and they don’t really pay attention some times.  This is the case with the current President of the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico.  This woman wanted to bring a casino style game machine to all bakeries and businesses  in Puerto Rico to make more money for the government.  Her latest idea:  to approve well-fare cards to be used in fast food restaurants.

We have an obesity epidemic here and there as well.  Could it be because she is obese and does not see anything wrong in that?  Maybe it is because the owners of some franchises paid for her campaign?  I really don’t know what that is about.  I think some times, politicians need to take a step back, stop thinking about their political futures and concentrate on the good of the country.  This idea is not good for the country.

Maybe I am changing my point of view on bad ideas.  Maybe people like this woman are proving that it is better to have no ideas than bad ideas, specially if you have the power to implement them.


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