Lessons Learned Through Experience

As I was looking for some documents during the weekend, I found a diary entry from a few years back.  It tells the story of the events that lead to me quitting my favorite job.

I like looking back at old diary entries because it reminds me how much I’ve learned in my life so far.  This week, I would like to share some of those insights with you.  Inspired by those events, I hope that if you ever encounter similar  situations, my story will be of service to you.

Lesson #1:  I’ve always have high standards, I don’t apologize for that.  I have to remember those standards might not be the same for someone else.

As I now start working in my own company, I’ve noticed that my need for perfection has helped me and stopped me on occasion.  I’ve learned to focus that need to have things just right in offering the best service possible.  There are other things that don’t need to be that perfect.  For example, in this blog, the most important thing is the message, not the perfection.

Back in the day, my boss expected great results from the department while keeping the environment relaxed.  I was a middle man between the staff and her.  Her standards were very different than mine and eventually, that became an issue.  Now, I am not saying that one of us was right and the other was wrong.  What I am saying is that now I can look back and see how better communication would have helped us see where our styles were different.  We could have reached an agreement on what a good campaign was.  You see, when she asked for a good campaign, I always did what I had to based on my standards of what a good campaign was.  If there would have been some ground rules set, everybody would have been happier.

I do not apologize for wanting the staff to do better.  I truly believed in their talent.  Now that I know better, I wish we would have had that conversation.  Have you ever had a difference of opinion with someone you worked with?  How did you handle it?  Make sure and tell us your story on the comments section below.


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