33 Miners Coming Home

Today is a short post because I am glued to CNN. It it about hope and how small our own problems look.

You have 33 miners, stuck 1/2 mile underground. I walk 1/2 mile with my dog twice a day. It is not a long distance, and yet, it has taken 68 days to be able to start rescuing them. It does say a lot about hope that nine of these men are out as I write this. Hope is the last thing we have left.

Hope is the one thing that you hold on to no matter the challenge. Today, I ask you to keep the hope alive for the 24 miners left and the four rescuers that volunteered to go down there. I also ask you to keep hope alive for your own dreams. If this men can come out and be here with us, imagine what you could do.
10/13/10…10+13+10=33 miners.

Picture thanks to: Deseret News
33 Miners - Thanks to Deseret News


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