We, at AviddivA, are encouraging all women to remember to put themselves first.  As we grow older, we spend time raising children, pleasing husbands, working hard at our careers.  If there is any energy left, then we think about ourselves.  We are not being healthy or wise and we are setting a bad example.  Remember that in order to take care of others, you must start with yourself.

The one issue that we constantly procrastinate on is us.  Think about it.  You might be a healthy weight, when was the last time you enjoyed a meal.  You go through the motions of a workout without enjoying the health benefits.  You get dressed and made up in the morning and yet, you have not changed your style in years.

During all this time, we teach by example.  We are teaching the younger generations to take us for granted.  Then we wonder why the kids never come to visit.  We want you to teach the future generations to be generous with everyone, including themselves.  Self sacrifice leads to victimization and “poor me” mentality.  We should embrace caring for our minds, our bodies and our souls each and every day.  This will lead to healthy relationships with ourselves which will then translate into healthy relationships with others.

You would never treat a friend this way.  Be your own best friend and treat yourself like an AviddivA.  Don’t let the title confuse you.  This is not about being selfish.  This is about caring for yourself first in order to share your best self with all others.  I hope you will allow us to go on this journey with you.  We are excited for you.  Let’s keep going.


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