Living with Pain

I have a bad knee. It is possibly the worst kept secret in my life. Most people that knows me have heard of the things I’ve done to cure this ailment. I even considered surgery. The doctor said once healed, I would probably last about four or five years before the pain would come back. I decided to save my money.

Today’s post is about living with pain, ANY kind of pain. Some people have physical pain and many have psychological pains. We seem to be quick to medicate our pains, make them go away. If it is a physical pain, we can take a medication or a shot. If it is psychological, we want to numb ourselves. What is so bad about feeling the pain and learning to live with it?

Before you ignore my innocence, allow me to share the basis of my experience on the other side of the prescription pad. At different points in my life, I have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and mild to intermediate depression. I was prescribed Zoloft and its ugly little cousins three times. I discovered that I could not write my poetry or short stories if I was using these things and more importantly, I was not happy. I was not sad either, it was some sort of limbo that felt um-bearable.

This is why I don’t care for most medications. I believe too many of us want the easy way out, and some of us “pay the price later”. Think of those people who have back pain and become addicted to pain killers. Some of them die. In the state of Florida alone, we lost nearly seven people a day in 2009, according to this article in Sunday’s newspaper.

Yes, I do believe that pharmaceuticals and doctors should sit down and figure out how to deal with this issue. I think the pertinent authorities have a hard road ahead of them. In the end, it is our personal responsibility to put the meds away for good and experience life, all of it, including the pain.


FAMILY keeps you healthy

On Healthy Tuesday, FAMILY is really important.  A healthy relationship with your FAMILY makes you happy, healthy and wise.  However, what is your definition of FAMILY?  I have parents, a sister, a daughter, a husband, a couple of best friends, and many cousins, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews and some other people.

What is your version of FAMILY?  Does it include FAMILY and friends or strictly blood relations?  How do they keep you healthy?  Do you have healthy relationships?  Think about it and if you don’t have those healthy relationships, start working on them NOW.

SURPRISE, you should take better care of you

This week I am keeping the posts short and to the point. 

You might be feeling tired, cranky and low on many levels, self esteem, energy, you name it.  You run around all week taking care of everyone but yourself, adding too many projects to your life.

Is it then, really a SURPRISE, that you are sick or tired?  You should be taking better care of YOU, and I will keep on saying it until you start listening.

Love = Health

A healthy relationship is based on LOVE and respect. How healthy is you relationship with you?  Do you pamper yourself?  Do you tell yourself that you LOVE you often?

As silly as it may sound, go and look at yourself in the mirror and say “I LOVE you”.  If it sounds silly or you feel weird, it means you have never done it.  Say it THREE times.  Say it loud and say it proud.  Now, for the rest of the month of September, say it every day.  Your self esteem will thank you and you will see changes in your life.  Have a healthy relationship with yourself first, and then everything will fall into place.

Don’t believe me?  Check out this video from Louise L. Hay.


with yourself and answer this question:  are you healthy?

There is a difference between attracting health and ignoring symptoms.  When you attract health is almost like curing hypochondria.  You tell yourself that you are healthy, that you thank God (or the Universe or whatever you believe in) for your strong bones, healthy heart and lungs, beautiful skin.  You do that every day to promote health.

When you ignore symptoms, you run around “acting” like you are ok.  In the back of your head, you spend hours wondering if that nagging pain is something bad.  You create an entire disease in your head and then you have the gall to be surprised when you manifest it.  You asked for it, didn’t you?  Now have the guts to deal with it.

I have two examples to show you how this works and in one of them, show you that you have the power to change your state.

1)  I have a family member that has one of those medical plans that covers everything, and she uses it.  Every week she had several doctor’s appointments.  She was convinced that she was sick and so, after several years of this, she was “shocked” to discover she was ill.  Are you kidding me?  You mean to tell me that you can actually be surprised by something you’ve been asking for (for years)?  Well, she was livid.  She was stunned.  And yes, she is still alive and probably looking for more diseases to give herself.  Don’t forget:  the person that is hypochondriac feels sick because their brain does not know the difference between a real disease and something you’ve created in your head.

2)  When the year started, I had an event where I pulled a muscle close to my breast (and did not notice it).  My right breast hurt, a lot.  In my head, I gave myself cancer and I died.  I cried for all the years I was not going to be here to be with my family.  Then I remembered something Dr. DeMartini says on the Secret about “incurable means curable from within”.  I have read enough to know that your own mental state can and will determine your health.  Every time I had “the thought”, I would replace it with plans for the future.  Then I spent the last three weeks in Puerto Rico like a chicken without a head getting ready for the move.  Add to that three weeks living here.  I have not thought about it once in six weeks and guess what?  The pain is gone. 

You have the power to be as healthy as you want to be.  Use it.  Always be HONEST with yourself and take care of yourself.