Update: What is Going On

Just as I promised, I took a week off and had a chance to get some things done.

I have a job for the holidays and I hope I’m really good at it. I am working for a great place an hopefully I will make a good impression. We definitely need the income. The business needs cash and I could use a few dollars myself.

The job is full time, which will limit the amount of time I will have to dedicate to the blog. For the next two months, the plan is to have one post per week, maybe two. If more come out, I will be more than happy to post them everywhere as usual.

I have set a challenge for myself that involves making $5,000 by December 31, 2010. So far, I have $27 and I am hoping that I can get some more this month. You can always go to the little DONATE button on my page and make a donation or buy any of the books I mention on the website.

For the month of November I have a cute challenge. November is my birth month, my daughter’s birth month and the legal birth of my business in the states. For that reason, I have set out a challenge to get 1966 followers on Facebook, 1966 followers on Twitter and 21 active contributors on the blog. In Twitter, I currently have 852 followers and in Facebook I have 149. The blog has about 7 active participants. Please help us achieve our goals. We will keep you posted on the progress. This challenge ends in November 30th, 2010.

So there are the updates. Don’t forget to tell us what do you want to talk about by leaving your suggestions in the comments section below. Thanks.


Taking a Week OFF!?!

Could that be right?  Am I really taking a week off?  Now that I finally have some readers I decided to take a week off?  What could possibly be so important that I am taking a week off.

As you may know (if you read this blog frequently), I am in the process of getting my business working here in Florida.  In order to make that happen, I have had to go out and get some business licenses.  I’ve also gone job hunting for a part time to cover the start up business expenses.  I am also working on building a new website.  And to be honest with you, I am exhausted.

I need a few days to recoup and get my energy up.  Just like I preach, I have to put me first in order to serve you better.  So, for the next 7 days, this blog will be made of a question, and I am hoping that those of you who are brave enough, will answer it in the comments section.  I will be answering any comments you leave.  I just will dedicate my energies to the other things I have to do in order to do this right.

Go ahead and make suggestions and leave comments below.  Thank you.

Challenges Big and Small

Have you ever felt sick and considered not going to work? Have you ever planned your whole week only to wake up on Monday and your car breaks down? How do you deal with these challenges? Do you persist on your endeavors or do you feel this is a sign from the heavens and give up?

For the last week, I had to deal with knee pain. I’ve had trouble with my right knee for 30 years, on and off. The last time I had a doctor check it, he said he could operate but I would go through the same thing in three to five years. Back then, I would get pain every three to five years. I said “No, thank you” and kept going. This week, the pain was different.

It all came to a head on Sunday when, the pain was so bad that I could not sit, lay down, stand up or walk without feeling like somebody was stabbing me from inside the leg. A little research on the internet took me to discover that the pain I had just described to a family member over the phone, was a textbook definition of runner’s knee. The treatment: ice for 20 minutes four times a day, take an anti-inflammatory, knee brace, elevate the knee and those thingies that you buy to put on your shoes. Since necessity is the mother of invention, I grabbed the first plastic bag I found, used a small towel to position it on my knee. Then I put my knee sleeve on when I finished with the ice. My leg is elevated and as much as I hate taking medications, I am taking an anti-inflammatory every six hours.

Why am I telling you all that? What does this have to do with having plans and all I said in the beginning? Because today, I was supposed to leave my house in the early morning hours to run a series of errands and the advice given to me included “STAY OFF THE LEG FOR 24 TO 48 HOURS”. So as I write this to you, I am sitting in my sofa, with my leg elevated, writing in my laptop while my daughter is out running errands.

Things are going to happen, challenges big and small. It is not the challenge that is the problem. It is how you choose to tackle it that may be a problem or a solution to your problem. You can change your plans to work around your situation, delegate some tasks, work on other things while you wait for your problem to be solved. If you just sit there and do nothing, then you loose. Take one step forward every day. You will accomplish more than most people.

If you want to share how you tackle your challenges, leave a comment on the section below. Tell us how you deal with challenges. We are reading all your comments.

33 Miners Coming Home

Today is a short post because I am glued to CNN. It it about hope and how small our own problems look.

You have 33 miners, stuck 1/2 mile underground. I walk 1/2 mile with my dog twice a day. It is not a long distance, and yet, it has taken 68 days to be able to start rescuing them. It does say a lot about hope that nine of these men are out as I write this. Hope is the last thing we have left.

Hope is the one thing that you hold on to no matter the challenge. Today, I ask you to keep the hope alive for the 24 miners left and the four rescuers that volunteered to go down there. I also ask you to keep hope alive for your own dreams. If this men can come out and be here with us, imagine what you could do.
10/13/10…10+13+10=33 miners.

Picture thanks to: Deseret News
33 Miners - Thanks to Deseret News

October Challenge

Wow. After watching the challenge a fellow mother is doing for the next 21 days, I decided to create a challenge of my own. Since there are only 75 days left until the year end, I want to create $5,000 in those 75 days. The first step is to sell everything I can that I already own. You will be seen some future comments about that and some links to my Alibris account in case you want to buy any of the books we are selling.

The second step is to get a part-time, seasonal job to cover the business expenses. I have a job interview on Thursday for that exact reason.

The third step is to find a way to make money out of this website. There are several options, including donations, AdSense and other choices. I am spending the day figuring out those so that I can add them to the mix.

The fourth and final step is to work on both the product and the new version of the book. I am going to spend the rest of the week on the book and hopefully next week, I can work on the product.

What other things can I do to make money? What other avenues do we have? If you want to see more of my friend’s family challenge, you can check it out at Families Making Fortunes and see their process.

If you have any suggestions for us, leave it in the comments section below. Thanks.

Udpate for October

Just a little video to let you know what we are up to. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave your comments below.

Last Lesson for the Week

So, I’ve shared with you some of the lessons a particular experience in my past taught me.  The most important lesson of all is that when one thing ends, another begins.

When I left that company, I felt my life was over.  I loved that job, I loved what we did and I felt that I was the job.   I learned to separate the person from the job in order to survive those first few weeks.  Then, I thought about the time I had “wasted” devoted to this company.  I now understand that it was a great learning opportunity and there is no such thing as wasted time.

The best part was that less than 6 months later I had a better job with better prospects.  And now, I am starting my own thing.  In the end, life is what you make of it.  If you act defeated, you are.  If you act positive, you grow and you are better off.  It is totally up to you.

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