Whatever image issue you have, is all in your head

Today I was concerned because I was going to an event and was feeling ugly and fat. Then it hit me that the people at this event did not know me when I was skinny. To them I was just another middle aged mom with a little extra weight and very little wrinkles. So why not try to make that person look the best she could look? I put on a red shirt (which makes me look very lively), got a great hat (for sun protection), wore my best jeans and my cutest shoes and was out the door.

Image is all in the head. We spend too many hours trying to look like super models we see in magazines when they don’t even look like that all the time. We see a beautiful woman on the street and we want to emulate her. Why? We need to find our own beauty. Define our own strengths.

When I was young, my best feature was my legs. I am short, but my legs were beautiful. I let them go because as I got fatter, they lost their beautiful shape. As of right now, my lower legs look and feel amazing (because of all the walking and exercises that I do) but from the knee up, not so much. So what am I doing? Looking for exercises that will help reshape that area and showing off the lower legs whenever I can. It makes me feel good when people notice them, but it makes me feel even better when I take care of them and make them look fabulous.

Don’t waste any more time comparing yourself to other people. If you cannot find many strengths in yourself, look for one. You might have great eyes, or a beautiful neckline, or great skin. Emphasize the one good thing you have on the outside and use all the good things that you have on the inside to get people to notice YOU.

I realize that I am talking about looks and it is a little hypocritical of the person that believes that the inside is what counts. But lately I have come to realize that it is the total package that matters. If you feel good about the image you are showing (and I am not talking about expensive outfits or shoes, but about the traits that make you unique), you will glow. That attracts people to you. Then your personality will keep them glued to you. It is that simple.

Keep trying.


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