Who are you?

Charlie T (Tremendous) Jones said “you are today what you will be five years from now, except for the people you meet and the books you read”.

So I ask you again, who are you?  What kind of diva are you?  Are you learning new things every day?  What are you reading?  What TV shows do you like?  What are your motivations?  Are you living your best life possible?

I am reading a book that I will comment on a future post.  What is interesting to me is that reading this book reminded me of how much I love to read.  It also reminded me that the fun of reading a book is not just what you see in it, but what you learn, what you want to learn more about, the opinions you have and the interests that you build.  I am really looking forward to finishing this book and starting the next one because I love to see different perspectives.  What makes you tick?


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